on January 5 2086 A meteorite(or what was believed to be one) streaked across the skies near Houston Archology in Texas and landed about 50clicks from the front gate. An investigation was quickly organized by the NEG military and an accompaniment of Occult Scholars. 5 men walk on the sceen after an hour and hand papers to the person in charge. Each person on the site is carefully questioned and sent on their way, all evidence is removed from NEG custody and Large plastic walls are erected to keep prying eyes out.

April 10 2086 Mysterious deaths begin to occur in Houston Arcology, NEG Military are brought in for extra security and shortly there after a shaken battle hardened solider stumbles back to his base camp completely out of his mind and mumbling something about a “Black Menace” over and over again. The man was never known to be racist he had a nazati wife and a White Xenomix child by her who he was said to have loved with all his heart.

April 25 2086 Pictures of the so called “Living Meteorite” and an accompanyingg tablet appear on the internet across theconspiracyytheoristst websites naming the fableSecrett Police of the NEG as the ones whowhiskeded it away to un known laboratories . They named a Secret Police agent, Charles Dexter Ward as the source.

October 31 2086 More people speak of the “black menace” in dreams and insane stupors. Some say there are Nazati who are going back to the Migou and trying to gain their favor back by terrorizing NEG citizens.

November 1 2086 Many of the websites witch held the pictures of the living meteorite go down with server problems at the same time, then return without the pictures or any mention of them on the site anywhere.

December 25 2086 APB is put out on news stations and everywhere else for [[Charles D. Ward]].

December 31 2086 Families of the insane people who spoke of the black menace are questioned by Intelligence agents.

In the tabloids an anonymous artist who claims to have seen the creature has done a piece detecting it. He says some of it is artistic license because of an odd cloud that has come over his mind. The picture never makes it to print some how and the article,where it was first published as fact now is said to be a hoax by some guy trying to make quick buck. Rumors stated in the original article range from Nazati defectors to a mad psychic implanting images to cover their identity even some secret agency trying to cover their tracks for something.

People are dieing left and right in strange ways. Some without a scratch on them, others are only made to go insane but all accounts point to some “Black Menace” in the streets. Each of you is contacted by an odd otherworldly person and asked to meet at a Bar in the heart of the city at exactly 10:23 AM with no other explanation than it is about the Black Menace. Will you go and find out ?

Black Menace